Mohill Computer Training – ICT Introduction Complete

We have just completed our initial Introduction to ICT module at MCT. The new full-time Computer Applications for the Workplace course began two weeks ago and this module was used to introduce the new class members both to Information Technology and to each other. There is a good mix of Learners in this year’s class,… Continue reading Mohill Computer Training – ICT Introduction Complete

MCT Autumn Courses Flyer

As an update to our previous post on the autumn schedule of courses being delivered at Mohill Computer Training we have provided a link to the official flyer below.  Simply click on the thumbnail image of the flyer below and you will be then directed to the flyer itself.  Just download, print out, fill in… Continue reading MCT Autumn Courses Flyer

Autumn Schedule of Courses at Mohill Computer Training

Autumn is fast approaching and it is at this time of year that many of us decide to be both proactive and constructive and undertake further education, be it a full-time course or part-time morning or evening training course. At Mohill Computer Training we provide a variety of courses all of which commence in early autumn. … Continue reading Autumn Schedule of Courses at Mohill Computer Training

Testimonials and Their Importance

Testimonials play extremely important role in the success of any business. Testimonials from loyal customers/clients and in our case students are a critical part of the success and presence of a business. A testimonial is simply a written or recorded statement that supports your business’ credibility and level of expertise. It also serves the purpose of… Continue reading Testimonials and Their Importance