10 Futuristic Computer Concepts

Desktop computers are slowly but surely being replaced by their portable laptop counterparts, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to reinvent the wheel and freshening things up a bit. These designers have done just that with these ten futuristic computer concepts. Continue reading to see them all.

10. Philco Computer


The Philco PC here is a prime example of such inspirations, totally reminiscent of the 1954 design classic Philco Predicta! Indulge in it for the aesthetic value, as for the specs…yea it does host Windows 7. But then again we’re here for the love of design, specs can take a hike for the moment!

9. HP LiM


Proposed to be sold as a stand-alone unit the HP LiM (‘Less is More’) concept is set to feature a 19″ transparent touch OLED screen along with a wireless keyboard. The touch screen slides down to create a more ergonomic touch experience and easy navigation. It also features a virtual trackpad thus cutting down on mouse costs.

8. Napkin PC


The Napkin PC is designed for group collaborations. Each pen transmits your doodles to the base station which is a PC in disguise. That information gets processed and displayed on the napkin like e-ink paper. Cool idea but someone better make sure nobody decides to wipe their dirty lunch stains with one.

7. Book Laptop


The book/laptop, has a CD-Rom drive complete with CD, a keyboard that can be removed so as to access the battery, and a switch that turns off the screen light once the book is closed. The book when closed, looks just like a regular book until opened. The words, “The Future of Books” is inscribed on the spine. I think Kyle did a wonderful job expressing the changes the world is facing regarding technology.

6. B-Membrane Computer


Some highlights of this Kubrick inspired mother ship computer include a membrane keyboard that appears when needed, integrated optical drive and when not used as a computer, the projector can beam ambient light effects on any surface you desire.

5. Horizon Computer


This flexible OLED monitor concept which supposes the OLED material would roll up inside the white stand and allow the user to choose the optimum screen size. Supposing that the material could compact itself that tightly, he goes on and mounts a cd drive behind the translucent screen and for good measure throws some invisible projection technology in as well.

4. Bookshelf PC


The “Bookshelf” operates with add on hardware attachments supplied by digital service providers which controls the copyright issues but still accommodate convenience and portability that is expected from computer users of today. As the users acquire hardware attachments from digital service providers of their choice, the “Bookshelf” expands into a multimedia library. Each individual hardware attachment is configured to download and play contents and also moderate copyrights. The concept envisions a new infra-structure of digital media and how consumers will interact with them in the near future.

3. Paper Laptop


It uses recycled paper or pulp material all packed in layers. This is so that you can easily replace the damaged portions (even corrugated paper will tear easy). The vibe of a Paper Laptop is intriguing, I know eventually someone will figure out the tech bit, so let’s see who will take the bait.

2. Portable PC Theater


Microsoft’s Portable PC Theater is an object of envy for those in need of a space-saving home entertainment solution. This svelte computer system boasts a built-in projector, CD/DVD drive, and integrated speakers. The Portable PC Theater is one computer designed for pure entertainment. In lieu of a display, it has a built it projector which can be removed to better positioning. Don’t worry about sound because flanking the projection lens are stereo speakers. What about messy cords? All cords retract into the unit when not in use and because it is a computer, there’s a collapsible keyboard.

1. Prime


The middle screen is just 10 inches in size while extra screens on the left and right add the extra 16 inches to the total screen size making a total aspect ratio of 32:10. The body of the Prime Gaming Laptop is made of aluminium and large vents can be found which keep the 2 CPU’s and GPU’s nice and cool.

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