Testimonials and Their Importance

Testimonials play extremely important role in the success of any business. Testimonials from loyal customers/clients and in our case students are a critical part of the success and presence of a business.

A testimonial is simply a written or recorded statement that supports your business’ credibility and level of expertise. It also serves the purpose of strengthening the reputation of a business by expressing the trust that other people have in what your business has to offer. Testimonials are a great tool that help attract a deeper interest from perspective and existing clients and will ultimately make you and your business increasingly more successful.

The success of a business depends heavily on word of mouth. Testimonials act as formal forms of expression that support that concept.  Testimonials strengthen the credibility of you and your business and as we all know, people will not conduct business with you if they don’t trust you and find you to be credible.

As we were redesigning our MEC/MCT website we thought that we should include some testimonials from past course participants and duly contacted several former students of our full-time Computer Applications for the Workplace (QQI Level 5) course and asked them to provide some honest feedback based on their experiences here with us at Mohill Enterprise Centre and specifically at Mohill Computer Training.

We were extremely happy with the response that we received and included a number of the testimonials on our website where they can be viewed. We would  like to share with you some further testimonials we received from students from the past 5 years.


Class of 2015
“Before starting with MCT, I had no computer skills. I wanted to become computer literate in order to return to work after a 26 year absence. Initially I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but the tutors made learning easy, with their direct method of teaching. Each module acted as a stepping stone to the next. My confidence grew and prepared me for my work experience; this reassured me that I was employable again. I am very grateful to MCT for their time and effort on my behalf.” – Anne Heslin

“I have just completed the Computer Applications for the Workplace course at Mohill Computer Training and I can honestly say that I found it to be an extremely informative and enjoyable course. While it is an excellent qualification for applying for office-based positions it is also a good qualification for carrying on into higher education. All in all I have found this course to be exceptionally advantageous and worthwhile.” – Donna Hunter

“The full-time Level 5 course is of great benefit to everyone looking to gain skills in different IT environments. A perfect learning experience for anyone interested in computing.” – Chris Walsh

“Just finished my placement in Mohill Enterprise Center, had a great time and learned a lot. Everyone was very helpful and more than willing to talk me through anything I was unsure of.” – Derek McCormack (Work Experience Placement 2015)


Class of 2014
“I found the full-time course to be an excellent foundation on which to expand my IT experience. The instructors and staff are extremely helpful and encouraged and advised me on how best to achieve my goal of a career in IT and I would have no hesitation recommending Mohill Computer Training and this course in particular to anyone with similar ambitions.” – David Furniss


Class of 2013
“I completed the full-time course in 2013. This course provides a wonderful platform to get back into the workplace or for further studies, I would highly recommend it. I had been a stay at-home mum for a long number of years and needed to up-skill. Despite the fact that I had used computers before the whole aspect of completing assignments was totally new to me. The lecturers were superb, patient and really hands-on in helping us all through each module. I have since gone on to complete Train the Trainer and start up my own business which is now exceeding all my expectations. This course has been invaluable to me.” – Annette Gilheany

“Wonderful students, interesting modules and great tutors. What more do you need?” – Michael Delorey


Class of 2012
“I completed the course in MCT in 2012. The knowledge and skills I gained there aided me in efficiently and professionally completing many projects, assignments and a 10,000 word dissertation for my MBA in Finance. Subsequently, it played a key role in finding employment in the Fund Administration industry in Dublin as they looked for strong IT skills in conjunction with a degree. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone who is looking to improve their IT skills before going to college or hoping to gain employment.” – Darren Clarke (Class of 2011 and Intern 2012)

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