Mohill Computer Training – ICT Introduction Complete

We have just completed our initial Introduction to ICT module at MCT. The new full-time Computer Applications for the Workplace course began two weeks ago and this module was used to introduce the new class members both to Information Technology and to each other.

There is a good mix of Learners in this year’s class, wide-ranging both in age and nationality, with each Learner more than willing to share their expertise, experiences and knowledge with the others. This mix leads to a good class dynamic and helps everyone feel comfortable with each other, thereby aiding the learning process for all concerned.

This past two-week period has had several purposes:

  • To get to know the class and to get the class to know one another
  • To get Learners used to the routine of attending full-time classes
  • To gauge the current competencies of the Learners
  • To impart some general knowledge about Information and Communication Technologies to the Learners
  • To undergo some initial preparation for future assessments
  • To build a good class dynamic


First Week
The first week was quite busy with the Learners having to officially register for the course. Following on from that a Course Induction was given. The purpose of this Induction was to provide the Learners with all the information about the Computer Applications for the Workplace course (leading to a QQI Level 5 Major Award in Information Processing) and also to inform them of their rights and responsibilities as Learners on an MSLETB course. It also informed them of the benefits of further learning and of gaining recognised certification.
The days following the Induction were spent learning about ICT in general and included computer hardware, software, networks and computer security. Plenty of discussion took place. We also undertook some tests in “thinking”. These included lateral thinking, verbal and numerical reasoning test. These were very informal in nature.
On Friday last we invited a former student of the course, David Furniss, back to Mohill Computer Training to give a talk to the new class. David is a good friend of MCT and he has always been more than willing to extol the benefits of participating in our course. After successfully completed our course David progressed into Sligo IT to undertake a degree course in Networking and Computer Systems. Now in his second year David has, on two occasions now, come in and talked to the class about how our full-time course prepared him to smoothly transition into third-level education more than two and a half decades after having last been in formal education. He impressed upon the class that there are now great supports available to people wishing to get back into education and that age alone is not a reason to prevent a changing of career.
Second Week
This week began with a few days learning a little about the computer systems used here at MCT. It is critically important that Learners have good file management skills and are comfortable with working in a networked environment. Initially it proved tricky for some but, by the end of the week most had mastered the concepts (after plenty of practice of course).
As many QQI Level 5 modules now require the writing of reports as part of the assessment process we decided a number of years ago to include a short Report Writing course in the initial ICT Introduction module. We have found that many Learners have not necessarily previously written reports and are unaware of report writing conventions. As such, this week, we spent time looking at how reports are to be laid out (abstract, introduction, body, conclusion and reference), the use of the correct reporting style (language, tense), correct referencing procedures and of course locating valid information to be used in the reports. We put into practice what we had learned by writing two short reports, one on The Evolution of Personal Computing Devices and the second on Local Area Networks and Their Implementation.
By the end of the second week everyone was much more relaxed and comfortable in what they were doing.
Next week sees the start of delivery of the first QQI module – Word Processing. More later.

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