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On Monday 18th April, a Lifelong Learning Seminar was held at the Lough Allen Hotel in Drumshanbo. At this seminar were a number of speakers talking about and promoting further education and adult learning. Donal Fox, the CEO of Leitrim Development Company, opened the seminar with a few words, and passed proceedings to Paul Hamilton, Community Education Facilitator with Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education and Training Board, to introduce each of the seminar’s speakers and to say a few words of his own.




The first of the three speakers, Will Green, spoke of his experiences in changing his career to do something new with his life. He opted to move to hospitality and catering, went through a course at Lough Allen Hotel, and even did work experience at Kilronan Castle as part of the course. He is now working in a community kitchen as head chef, cooking meals for disadvantaged people in the community and the local Meals on Wheels service, delivering food to those who can’t cook for themselves or get out of their houses to get food. This was how he used adult learning to change his life and do something different.


The second speaker was Tony Hughes, the current intern here at Mohill Enterprise Centre, and he spoke of his experience with both formal and informal learning, in the Leaving Certificate and the Level 5 Computer Applications for the Workplace course that he participated in here last year, and also spoke about the internship he’s currently doing here. He also spoke of how he would rather not follow everyone else directly into college and instead opted to take time to realise what he actually wanted to do with his life and career path. He left us with the knowledge that there’s always another way, that you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing and that sometimes it’s best to use the route less often taken by others.




The final speaker, Billie Dixon, spoke of his stories of learning and motivations. He dealt with the facts that influence individuals’ personal confidence, aimed to help individuals communicate at a higher level, spoke of tips for social etiquette training to improve people’s personal and professional projection, explained how individuals can project themselves positively using their personal appearance and body language, while at the same time helping to improve their personal confidence.


Donal Fox took to the podium once again to close the event with some final words, reflecting on what the speakers had to say, making a few points of his own, and finally thanking everyone involved with the seminar and it’s organising. The seminar proved to provide invaluable life stories and experiences to learn from, and it’s likely that most people left with something that they may not have arrived at the seminar with.

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