Full-Time Computer Applications for the Workplace

A Time of Change

This is a busy time of the year at Mohill Computer Training as we are nearing the end of one full-time course and preparing for the start of another. Participants of the current course will shortly be going out on Work Experience before returning to the training centre for the final module of the full-time programme. However, prior to this our students must complete both the Image Processing and Personal Effectiveness modules.


Full-Time Programme 2016/17 – Course Places Available

With regard to our next full-time programme, which will commence in early October, it is at this time of the year that we begin to advertise the availability of places on the course. Places on the course are, understandably, limited and so it is of utmost importance that anyone considering undertaking further training register their interest in participating on the course. Given the good weather that we are currently experiencing there might be a tendency to put this on the long finger but I would strongly impress upon anyone even moderately considering our course not to put registering interest off. There is absolutely no benefit in procrastinating.
Remember, our full-time Computer Applications for the Workplace programme is QQI-certified at Level 5 and leads to a Level 5 Major Award in Information Processing. The possibilities available from gaining this award are manifold, vastly improved computer skills, gaining direct employment, gaining entry into third-level colleges either through the CAO points system (up to 400 CAO points available) or, for mature students (23 and over) getting access to third-level courses directly through the colleges.
Our Computer Applications for the Workplace programme consists of 10 QQI Level 5 certified modules, 8 of which are used to achieve the Level 5 Major Award in Information Processing. The modules delivered as part of the programme can be broadly divided into 3 separate areas: Office Applications, Design Applications and Soft Skills.

The office applications consist of:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases

The design applications are consist of:

  • Web Design – HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver
  • Digital Image Manipulation – Photoshop
  • Desktop Publishing

Soft skills are made up of the following elements:

  • Personal Effectiveness – including Presentation Skills
  •  Research and Report Writing
  • SWOT Analysis, Job Seeking and Interview Skills


Programming and Design Principles Module

We are continually trying to improve our full-time programme by identifying the changing needs of employers and course participants. We are well aware of the growing number of employment opportunities in the IT sector and it is our intention to provide learners with the skill set needed to access this market. To that affect we will introduce, on a pilot basis, a Programming and Design Principles QQI Level 5 module onto the upcoming full-time programme. The purpose of this module is to equip learners with the knowledge, skill and competence needed to design, write and test structured computer programs. In fact, this year we have three students who are progressing from our full-time programme to Sligo IT in order to undertake degree courses in Software Development. Some of their time on our programme was used to investigate and prepare for modules that they would undertake in the first two semesters of their third level course.


Don’t Procrastinate

Summer is a time of change for a lot of people where some are moving from one employment to another and others are finishing off their secondary level education. So, should you or someone you know be at such a point of transition in your life and are looking for improved future opportunities then perhaps you should consider participating in our full-time programme. Participation has many advantages and no drawbacks.

Make the right decision; grasp the bull by the horns and sign-up today.

And remember, spread the word!

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