My Experience at Mohill Computer Training

My Experience at Mohill Computer Training 

Before joining the course I was a socially anxious teen finding it hard to decide what direction I wanted to take in life. I had a passion for computers and knew that I was well-suited to a related career but with the large array of courses on offer throughout Ireland and my lack of formal certification, I was unsure of my options and which course or training method was best suited to me.

Through my local Intreo office I learned that I had insufficient points to enter third level college and was given a list of options to further my education, one of those options was the Computer Applications course at Mohill Computer Training. I had just moved to Leitrim and was nervous about starting without knowing anyone but I was made feel welcome straight away and was given one-on-one support by my tutors as I needed it.

The tutors at Mohill Computer Training encourage all students to reach their full potential. They recognise that everyone has a different method for learning and accommodate their lessons to suit each individual leaner as best they can. They help students to realise their strongest skill-set and to work towards refining their talents while also improving on subjects that they may not have been previously familiar with.

For me, my weakness was public speaking. Through the support of the manager, tutors, and classmates I am now confident in giving presentations and speaking in front of large groups of people. I have learned skills to help me through job interviews and other professional situations such as meetings.

On finishing the course I gained 400 CAO points to get me into third level education. I also achieved a Level 5 Major Award in Information Processing. But I gained so much more than points out of the Computer Applications course; I learned valuable life skills that will help me through the rest of my education and my future career.

The modules at Mohill Computer Training offered me the opportunity to explore different areas of IT and I have decided that I am best suited to further my education with a course in Web Design.

I want to thank the staff at Mohill Computer Training for the support and encouragement I have received throughout the course.

Rebecca Holden, 2017


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