Over the last number of months and years we have been investing in making your centre work better for you.

  1. Major upgrade to our training rooms providing flexible space with a comfortable working environment.
  2. Major upgrade to our internal IT Network providing high speed access all over the centre.
  3. Install of new Fibre line with ability to go to 1 Gps Speeds.
  4. Providing a new social area to relax, network and meet.
  5. Provide open office space and hotdesking area.
  6. Together with MSLETB we are now providing students with technology enhanced learning (TEL) during the COVID -19 Outbreak

And we are not stopping.

We are planning more upgrades in the coming months.

In July 2020

  1. Upgrade of old industrial space to new office space – providing offices to cater for growing businesses or remote working space. We will have a range of office sizes from 1 person to 5 person spaces available later this year.
  2. Develop new secure entry point with 24/7 access to all work spaces.
  3. Install new Smart heating system to reduce our energy requirements and reduce CO emissions.
  4. Install of EV charging point to provide clean energy onsite.

Note: The Centre will be closed from the 3rd July 2020 to 27th July 2020 for these upgrades.

Upcoming Courses 

We are now recruiting for our full time  QQI Level 5 course in Computer Applications which will begin at the start of September 2020. Places are limited so please get in early.

We will also have part time Level 3 and 4 in Computer Application starting in September 2020.

Our part time Design Skills Course Level 5 will also be starting in October 2020.

If you need hotdesking space,office space, industrial units or just want information on our upcoming courses then please contact us on for more details.

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