Past students share their experience when studying Mohill Computer Training’s QQI Level 5 Computer Programme.

Since I have finished school, I completed a number of courses but I have found this one the most beneficial. I am looking forward to starting work with all the new skills I have learned.
– Mary, Student QQI Level 5 2020

I really enjoyed my time at Mohill Computer Training. I needed to upskill and this course gave me new opportunities. The tutors made the whole experience very straight forward and enjoyable. They are very patient and supportive. We also managed very well during the pandemic with blended and online classes.

The course is broken down into separate modules so it’s not overwhelming and caters for all levels. I found it challenging at times but in a good way. It gave me more confidence and helped me see the potential in the skills I already had and the new skills I have learned. I am more motivated and plan to follow on to study to degree level.
– Eileen, Student QQI Level 5 2020

The supportive environment and exceptional work by the instructors have helped me learn how to effectively apply myself to work, and has allowed me to shake off my previous negative feelings towards learning environments.
-Niall, Student QQI Level 5 Student 2020

I felt the course was very compressive. The content was very wide ranging and detailed. Our tutors were most professional, courteous and at all times helpful and encouraging. I have taken several courses at Mohill Computer Training and I have always found the above to be the case
– Joe, Student QQI Level 5 2017/18

All the modules were comprehensive and delivered to a high standard. The tutors were helpful and ensured we had a good understanding of the subjects. I have learned a lot of new skills during the course and feel confident in the abilities I have learned during my time on the course.
– Bernard, Student QQI Level 5 2017/18

I have just completed the Computer Applications for the Workplace programme at Mohill Computer Training and I can honestly say that I found it to be an extremely useful and enjoyable course.  The course has given me a more than solid foundation in the use of Office and Design Applications all backed up with QQI Level 5 awards. Above all I enjoyed the Internet module mainly because it covered HTML and CSS, two key components of web design. These languages require careful design and structure, requisites of computer programming.
– Rebecca, Student QQI Level 5 2016

I found my time participating on the MCT full-time Computer Applications for the Workplace programme a rewarding experience.  The learning environment was relaxed and informal with great interaction between programme participants and staff.  The course instructors were engaging and supportive offering advice beyond the scope of the immediate course.  All assessment work was thoroughly checked for accuracy before submission which was important to me as English is not my native language.
– Marek, Student QQI Level 5 2016

The Full-time Level 5 course is of great benefit to everyone looking to gain skills in different IT environments. Perfect learning experience for all interested in computing.
– Chris, Student QQI Level 5 2015

Initially I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but the tutors made learning easy, with their direct method of teaching. Each module acted as a stepping stone to the next. My confidence grew and prepared me for my work experience; this reassured me that I was employable again. I am very grateful to MCT for their time and effort on my behalf.
– Anne, Student QQI Level 5 – 2015

I have just completed the above course here at Mohill Training Centre and I can honestly say I found it to be an extremely informative and enjoyable course.
– Donna, Student QQI Level 5 2015

I attended the full time course in 2014 and found it an excellent foundation on which to expand my IT experience. The instructors and staff are extremely helpful. They encouraged and advised me on how best to achieve my goal of a career in IT. I would have no hesitation recommending Mohill Computer Training to anyone with similar ambitions.
– David, Student QQI Level 5 2014

MCT came for me at a time in my life when I needed a sense of direction. Today I find myself in third level and am thoroughly enjoying it! I learned many skills there that I still use to this day, skills I will need when I enter the workforce. At MCT not only were the modules interesting and relevant but all the staff were a big help in me graduating with distinction. If you’re like me and you’re not quite sure where you’re going in life then I recommend this course – it’s a great start.
– Bronagh, Student QQI Level 5 2013












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